Biometrics Identity Management Solution

Building on our data management expertise, GRDS’s biometric authentication technology has become a critical solution for realizing a world where digital elements can be safely and securely utilized by everyone. With our full option biometrics solutions, you can bridge the gap between the end-to-end implementation of digital solutions and ensuring authenticity and protection of privacy.

Our structured methodology for identity management provides the most suitable solutions to match customer needs, and the required assurance needed for the administration of hardware and software authentication solutions for institutions, not-for-profit organizations, corporations, local and national governments and military customers.

Proven to upgrade methodical processes, physical security and operational efficiency, GRDS’s solutions improve security for networks, applications, and physical locations by requiring biometric factors as an added access qualifier.

Our advanced approach to user identity verification is based on two principal segments: physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics.

Based on physical characteristics:

Based on behavioural characteristics

Our hardware solutions are able to capture a uniquely wide range of biometric factors, while the integrated architecture of our software solutions provide a system that is easy to configure.  By merging multiple biometric verification systems, GRDS’s solutions offer robust security that is unrivalled.

Our comprehensive suite of identity management solutions provide:

Our solutions include:

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