Letter of Administration

Where a person dies intestate, i.e. there is no Will lodged in the deceased name.

Grant of Probate

Where a person dies testate, i.e. there is a Will written and lodged in the deceased name.

Endorsement of Bank Certificate

Where the desire is limited to asset gathering only

Procurement of Additional Assets/Further Security

Where there is a need to create an addendum to an existing estate- where an asset or group of assets were omitted during the procurement of the primary document (Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate).

Amendment of Letter of Administration

Where there is a need for a replacement or modification of any living or non-living element of the estate such as: name, address, administrators or executors, etc.


Where there is a need for representation usually in a defined capacity as an Administrator or Executor owing to inca- pacitation, distance, etc.

Share Transmission Across Registrars

Where the desire of the administrators is to effect the mandate as contained in the letters of administration or grant of probate across all registrars.

It is no longer news that beneficiaries of a deceased person’s estate encounter delays before accessing the assets of their late loved ones which is why we at Greenwich Registrars & Data Solutions “Probate Service” have taken it upon ourselves to delve into this path to meet the challenging needs of prospective/current clients.

Over the past few years, the Probate Service Unit of Greenwich Registrars & Data Solutions has set the pace in providing excellent Probate services to clients within and Outside Nigeria. Our reputation as a one stop shop in probate services precedes us and this has crystallized into having an understanding between us and the various Pension fund Administrators, Insurance Companies, Registrar Companies, Investment and Financial Companies in Nigeria.