Physical Archiving

Physical archiving refers to the process of preserving and storing physical records, such as paper documents, in a secure and organized manner. The goal of physical archiving is to protect the integrity of the records over time and ensure that they are available for future reference and use.

Benefits of Physical Archiving

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Long Term Preservation

Physical archives provide a secure and stable environment for the preservation of records over a long period of time.

Compliance with Regulations

Physical archives can help organizations comply with regulations that require the retention of records for a certain period of time.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Physical archives provide a backup of important records, reducing the risk of data loss from natural disasters, technical failures, or other events.


Physical archives provide a centralized location for the storage of records, making it easier for authorized individuals to access the information they need.

Improved Organization

Physical Archiving

Preserving paper documents in a secure and organized manner, physical archiving safeguards the integrity of records for future reference and accessibility.